About Us

Stepping Stones Learning Centre LLP was established in 2009 and is registered with the Ministry of Education. We are committed to creating a conducive, enjoyable and comfortable environment for students to realise their academic goals.

We focus on tying and bridging enthusiastic learners with the same passion to cultivate the flame of igniting their true potential. Through a low student-teacher average ratio of 1:10, Stepping Stones believes attention should be paid on every student and the teachers devise individual study plan depending on the needs of each student.

In our quest to extend our best, we focus on the importance of the following to meet the learning needs of our students and help them to bring out their best :

  • A conducive & nurturing learning environment that can house a total capacity of 220 students
  • 2 fully-furnished air-conditioned classrooms with smart interactive boards that can hold up to 10 students each
  • Dedicated full-time and well-qualified tutors
  • Reliable staff and management

The Management Team of Stepping Stones Learning Centre LLP

Our Team

Staff Profile

About Adam Yeo



Adam is one of the partners in SSLC and is a specialist in PSLE subjects and Secondary Math and started Bukit Panjang branch in 2013 with his fellow partners. 

Graduated with an honours degree in Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Adam entered the Engineering industry where he had been in R&D for several years with a Japanese MNC. Concurrently, he has been giving private coaching to students in English, Math and Science since 2003 and has helped hundreds of students under his tutelage. He is now a full-time coach at SSLC.

As a true believer of the saying “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit”, Adam hopes to inspire students to study hard and achieve their greatest potential in their academics. Through creative ways of teaching students how to study using Mnemonics and memory techniques, his students have been able to prepare for their examinations effectively, scoring distinctions and seeing significant improvements within a short time.

Being an avid soccer player, Adam also believes strongly in teamwork and ensures that no student gets left behind. He continues to motivate students to break out of their comfort zone and to challenge themselves through constant encouragement and supervision. 

About Allyson Sio

Co-founder & Partner


  • Graduated from NTU Mechanical Engineering 
  • Have been coaching PSLE Students For Over 16 Years
  • Part-Time tutor when she was studying in University to Full time tutor in 2006 after leaving the corporate world.
  • Taught PACT programme to help foreigners gain entry into primary and secondary schools from international schools. 100% of my students under me passed the entry level test and went into a local school. 
  • Was a franchisee of a reputable Math programme.

About Benjamin Yeo

Co-founder & Partner


Benjamin started off as a part-time private home tutor back in 2002 upon attaining his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Banking Finance which was awarded by the University of London. At the same time, he was working in the finance industry.

Through his tuition assignments, Benjamin realised that he was able to “click” with his students by bringing in real-life examples from the working world. Hence, many of his students found his lessons interesting and informative and he was able to motivate them academically.

With this new found calling in educating the younger generations, Benjamin left the finance industry and started his first education centre located in Bukit Batok in 2003 with a partner. Subsequently, he parted ways with the centre and co-founded SSLC in 2009 located in Teck Whye Branch and then the second branch in Bukit Panjang in 2013.

Benjamin is a PSLE specialist in coaching students in English, Math and Science. Having coached more than 1000 students within the past 2 decades, Benjamin has accumulated a wealth of experience in helping students attain a break-through in their results by teaching them how to adopt smart study habits and exam-answering strategies.

A firm supporter of the old adage “Quality over Quantity”, Benjamin incorporates this mantra into his lessons and has impacted several students positively such as doing their best in any endeavours and maximising their time efficiently.


About Lim Bing Yao






Bingyao holds a Bachelors of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (2nd Upper) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU). He specialises in teaching Pure Chemistry & Physics and lower secondary Science/Mathematics. 

His teaching methods involve the clear explanation of concepts to build up a strong foundation in the subjects of all his students. He further strengthens their concepts through practising different types of exam questions. He also aims to develop the students’ interest in the subjects he teaches by showing them the practical applications of the theoretical concepts learnt in class.

Bingyao has consistently achieved distinctions in Mathematics and Science throughout his own study years and strives to pass on these knowledge and skills to his students. He is currently teaching Pure Chemistry, Science and Mathematics in SSLC.

He also takes a keen interest in the development of his students’ characters and seeks to empower them through facilitating their process of self-discovery during their learning journeys.