Summary of Courses


It is an undeniable fact that many students face numerous difficulties in trying to cope and excel in the English Language. In light of this development, Stepping Stones Learning Centre LLP has designed our in-house materials to help students apply their knowledge of concepts and language skills to give them the necessary confidence to tackle their examinations.

We also allow students to practise time management and make them understand the requirements of each section.

For instance, by working on Grammar and Vocabulary worksheets, students will add to their learning carts the proper use of grammar rules and new vocabulary in sentences. With a greater knowledge of grammar skills and an increased stock of vocabulary, they gain greater confidence in writing and therefore, become better readers.


Our materials are structured in strict accordance with the latest Mathematics Syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education and provide our students with progressive exercises to assist them in mastering basic concepts, skills and processes.

These are necessary in helping students to solve routine and challenging problems, thus giving them the confidence to succeed in their examinations.

Most importantly, we aim to help students build a strong foundation and make mastery of Mathematics manageable and enjoyable every step of the way.


Our science materials are designed to provide revision practice on a consistent basis for students looking to strengthen their understanding of the Science topics taught in school.

The topics are broken down into smaller units to facilitate more systematic learning and thus enable students to have a more thorough understanding of Science facts.

Comprehensive study notes are provided in the beginning for each of the topics covered. This is followed by revision exercises to engage students in recalling the facts being taught in class.

As such, these questions enable our students to reinforce scientific concepts, remember key words, as well as provide adequate practice in acquiring various thinking skills in solving Science questions.