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Do Eun Used The S.C.OR.E. Technique & Scored A* For PSLE English (253 Aggregate, Cedar Girls IP)

Lee Do Eun
Teck Whye Primary

A* for PSLE English
PSLE 253

Promoted to Cedar Girls Sec

“Hi, my name is Lee Do Eun and I am from South Korea. I came to Singapore with my family when I was in Primary 2 and was always struggling with the English Language. Back then, I hated the language as it was rather difficult for me to comprehend most of the words and all the other subjects were also taught in English.

The lessons conducted at SSLC were simple to understand and the points conveyed by the helpful teachers were easy to remember.  My teacher Miss Allyson , in particular, was always readily available to correct my mistakes and point out my bad habits. She always seemed to know how to make me understand a complex question and simplified it for me
using simple techniques such as Acronyms to help me remember. She also loved to update the class with current affairs that could help us with our creative writing. In addition, the tests administered also helped me to hone my applications of the techniques taught and prepared me for the challenging questions in PSLE.

Overall, I am glad to have undertaken this journey with my friend at SSLC as I
eventually scored A* for my PSLE English within a year.  I was able to get into my choice of secondary school and my parents were so proud of me. Thank you Teacher Allyson once again for your patience and guidance.”

Bo Min Used The R.E.A.D.Y. Technique & Scored A For Math During PSLE (241 Aggregate, St Margarets)

Kim Bo Min

Teck Whye Primary

PSLE 241

Promoted to St Margarets

Before starting tuition at SSLC, I was getting less than 70 marks in my Primary school Mathematics and could not improve my marks any further. After attending tuition, my Maths results improved tremendously to 90 marks and this is attributed to how the lesson was taught.

We were taught how to solve problem sums using step-by-step exam technique to arrive at our answers.

Subsequently, I took up English and Science Tuition with SSLC and scored 1A* and 3As with an aggregate of 241!”

Yan Yu Used The S.H.A.R.P. Technique & Scored A* For Science During PSLE (262 Aggregate, NJC)

Chia Yan Yu

Pei Hwa Presbyterian

PSLE 262

Promoted to National JC


(IP Program – 6 years)

“Teacher Allyson has been my sole tutor ever since Primary 1 and tutored me on all primary school subjects for 6 years.

For primary school students, a main obstacle lies in understanding novel ideas that are not only foreign, but also immensely complex for younger minds at first glance. However, teacher Allyson manages to break down core ideas into simple components that are easy to digest for budding students. She does so by bringing in relevant real life examples and also memory techniques such as acronyms for Science to make sure students can remember concepts, thus building strong foundational groundwork needed to tackle high level problems.

Beyond clear and concise teaching techniques, teacher Allyson goes beyond pen and paper by motivating students to make excellence not just a goal, but a habit. She imbues high expectations within each student in order to motivate us to surpass pass accomplishments. Being firm yet sincere in her interactions with students, we hence strive harder also to not let her teachings go in vain. Thank you dearest teacher for everything.”

Brendan Used Our Techniques & Scored 268 For PSLE

Brendan Tan

St Anthony Primary

PSLE 268

Promoted to Hwa Chong High

I joined SSLC in when I was in Primary 4.  I had tried other tuition previously at other centres, but they did not seem to work for me as my grade was still stagnant and I was striving for an A* in English and Math.

The teachers at SSLC had helped me a lot by reinforcing my concepts taught in school. This was further simplified by using the Exam Techniques taught at the centre which were easy to remember and effective. They had helped my learning  to be more systematic and precise and hence increased my confidence in reaching my target for PSLE. (I was aiming for an aggregate of 260 then). Moreover, the lessons were entertaining and educational and I never thought of it as a chore to attend tuition there.

Imagine my joy when I received my result for PSLE. I scored A* for both my English and Math and achieved an aggregate of 268. I had surpassed my target set for myself. Thank you to all the supportive teachers, especially teacher Allyson. You have always inspired me to do my best and I will continue to strive to do better.

"It Was Tough In The Beginning But I Managed To Overcome The Challenges... When PSLE Came, I Felt Fully Prepared... PSLE Results Of 1A* (Maths), 2As And 1B... An Aggregate Of 241!"

Adelia Goh

Zhenghua Primary

PSLE 241


Promoted to Kranji Sec

   “Before my grandmother enrolled me in Stepping Stones Learning Centre in

  Primary 4, my school exam results were not up to my parents’ expectations.

  I was only scoring high Bs in my English and Math but C in Science.

    Upon starting my tuition classes for English, Math and Science, within a short

  period of 3 months, I was able to learn very useful exam techniques and

  apply them in my daily homework and assignments. It was tough in the

  beginning but I managed to overcome the challenges and became more familiar

  with the techniques. I really like these techniques as they allow me to apply

    them in virtually all kinds of questions!

    By Primary 6, I was already very confident of applying these techniques in my

  school tests and exam papers. When PSLE came, I felt fully prepared and was

  really happy when I got my PSLE results of 1A*, 2As and 1B with an aggregate

  of 241!”

"Use Simple Techniques To Help Me Remember The Concepts And Applications For English, Math And Science!"

Shawn Seah

Princess Elizabeth Primary
Graduated From Pioneer Junior College

   “Stepping Stones Learning Centre is not just a centre for academic development, but also a place for character development. At SSLC, learning is effective as fun is incorporated into the lessons. Furthermore, the teachers would use simple techniques to help me remember the concepts and applications for English, Math and Science.

teachers are helpful, approachable and passionate in teaching. Students are also encouraged to help one another in learning which cultivates a humble heart and this forges a stronger bond between students”

Leticia Used Our Techniques &
Came in 2nd in class

Jia Shyan Used Our Techniques &
Scored 224 in JUST 3 MONTHS!

Jia Shyan Used Our Techniques &
Scored 224 for 2017 PSLE

Justin Used Our Techniques &
Improved from B to A in 3 months!

Justin Used Our Techniques &
and A to A* by Preliminary Exams!

Celeste Sees an Improvement for All Subjects
and a jump from 78 to 90.5 for Science with 3A* for PSLE!