Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

1. Curriculum

At Stepping Stones Learning Centre LLP, we are continually updating our curriculum and study materials to be in line with the syllabus taught in both primary and secondary schools. This is to ensure relevance to all the subjects and topics being tested in schools so as to maximize the learning process of our students. We also have our proprietary in-house worksheets to enhance students’ learning though diligent practices.

2. State of the Art Technology


At each of our branches, we have Smart Interactive Boards and projectors installed in all our classrooms. Through modern technology, we are able to make learning fun and interactive and more importantly, being able to get the message across clearly and effectively to students with regards to the topics being taught.

3. Tests and Tracking of Students’ Progress

Students of Stepping Stones Learning Centre LLP will be required to sit for our in-house tests every quarter, mainly CA1, SA1, CA2 and SA2.

These tests are usually given before the students’ term exams in their respective schools. They are necessary for our tutors to keep track of the students’ progress and thereafter, to point out any areas of weakness so as to strengthen them further.

4. Incentives to Students and Reward System

Students who have done well for our in-house tests will be rewarded with incentives such as movie tickets and useful stationeries. In this way, we hope that students can be more motivated to do better. After all, “SUCCESS is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration.”

5. Early Bird Specials

Occasionally, Stepping Stones Learning Centre LLP will roll out some early-bird discounts or promotions during certain periods of the year for new enrolments. Do keep a look out for them at our centres and website.